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Iain & Kate Field

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Iain and Kate Field started Leap Farm in July 2012. Iain was lecturing and researching ecology at Macquarie University, Sydney, when he decided that it was time to put the ecological practices he taught and researched into practice. Both Iain and Kate love cheese (their relationship was founded on a wheel of brie and rugby), and thus the decision to become cheese makers was a very easy one. Returning to Tassie was another easy decision: friends, family and the local food culture dictated that there was nowhere else in Australia they'd prefer to be. And they found the perfect patch of paddock.

mini's in the summer evening light

In order to ensure quality milk (and happy goats), the farm was purchased and populated with kids, to grow into the lovely does on the farm today. In addition, 50 cows (in calf) and a handsome bull were purchased. The farm came with rangeland goats, and with an outlet for sales at the Bream Creek Farmers Market which started in December 2012, Iain and Kate were able to start food production earlier than expected in the form of goat meat. Since late 2013, they have been producing their own beef and value-added products, sold directly to the consumer.

Leap Farm is not certified organic or biodynamic, however organic principles are utilised to improve the land and increase biodiversity, improving productivity. There are a diverse range of animals and habitats, with evidence of wombats, a platypus in one of the dams, echidnas, quolls, paddy melons, swamp rats, wedge-tail eagles, banjo frogs (or ‘pobblebonks’) and the common froglet sharing Leap Farm as their home. By protecting stands of native forest and encouraging revegetation, the biodiversity will be protected and hopefully widened. 

Our attempts at improving productivity are clearly paying off; in 2014 we welcomed our first child into the world (pictured above at 11 days old, helping with the fencing), and then our second arrived less than 2 years later in the winter of 2016.

You are welcome to visit Leap Farm to see for yourself how the land and animals are managed. Contact Us for more info or to arrange a time.


Sam is a city dog who always yearned for a country (or beach) lifestyle. He was rescued from the Lost Dog’s home in Darwin in 2006, and loves to roll in poo when he gets the chance, which is frequently.

Sam enjoying one of his favourite past-times - basking in the sun.

Sam enjoying one of his favourite past-times - basking in the sun.