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We produce goat meat and premium aged beef. Our goat meat is only available for retail through the Bream Creek Farmer’s Market, held on the first Sunday of every month from 9am to 1pm at the Bream Creek Showground, located a 40-minute drive from Hobart. Our beef is typically sold as a side (fresh, not frozen), however some cuts and mince are usually available through the market also.

We sell our fresh meat frozen, so that you can defrost on the day of the market, or store it frozen until you are ready to eat it. The meat is vacuum packed, so has a longer shelf life once defrosted or in the freezer. This enables you to store the meat for up to 12 months frozen, but we recommend that you should consume it within 3 days once defrosted.

We are able to sell our meat outside of market-day - please contact us by email or mobile to arrange an order and pick-up or delivery. 

Goat Meat

The male kids are grown on for meat until they reach an appropriate size, about 12-18 months

The male kids are grown on for meat until they reach an appropriate size, about 12-18 months

Many people are worried about trying goat – they may have had bad experiences in the past, or have heard that the goat is “gamey”. Our goat meat has quite a mild flavour, a bit like lamb but with more “oomph”, and isn’t at all gamey. Goat meat is typically a lean meat, and should be cooked slowly, on a low heat, unless you have a prime cut. Prime cuts should be cooked quickly, like a steak. Too much or too little will make the meat tough. Check out the recipes page for more information about how to cook this delicious meat.

We regularly sell cuts for roasting (we use these for braising and slow-cooking, curries and "pulled" dishes), shanks, back-strap and eye fillet.

We also make a variety of ready-to-eat meals in a our registered commercial kitchen.  Our latest addition to the curry and pulled goat meals is "Moroccan Mince", using fresh herbs and spices with raw goat mince, so that you can do with it what you want (burgers, kofta-sticks, pies - whatever takes your fancy). Our minimum weight 400g packs feed 2 adults very comfortably, and if you are disciplined enough (we’re not), there’s usually enough for tomorrow’s lunch as well.

Premium Aged Beef

Mum and calf bonding in the paddock.

Mum and calf bonding in the paddock.

We have a small herd of Poll Hereford cows, a few Black Baldies and a Red Angus Bull on the farm. Herefords are renowned for their quiet temperament, hardiness and reliable meat quality. We use a Red Angus Bull, as they have a very placid nature and smaller heads, which leads to easier calving. Easier temperaments and low-stress methods for moving our cattle around the farm makes for calm, happy animals. This makes us happier, but also ensures that we have better quality meat. 

Our beef is hung as a side (half a beast) in a cool room for 21 days prior to being butchered. This process enhances the flavour, as water is lost through evaporation from the meat. It also means it freezes better (the cells are dehydrated from the moisture loss so they don't explode when frozen).

We sell our beef directly to our customers as sides, or as specific cuts through our local farmers market. Once the side has been butchered, it is bagged and labelled as to the type of cut, and we deliver it to your door. The side is broken into Eye Fillet, Porterhouse, Scotch, T-bone, Y-bone (Beef Ribs), Rump, Round Steak, Stewing Steak, Chuck and Gravy Steak, Roast, Blade, Topside, Silverside, Osso Bucco, Mince (15-25kg) and bones. With notice, we are able to organise specific or special cuts (such as Brisket). For more information, contact us.

Goat Dairy Products


In the winter and spring of 2014 we purpose-built a dairy and started milking The Ladies. We are currently in the process of purpose-building a cheese factory adjacent to the dairy. We will be producing cheese on-site in the spring of 2017.

In the meantime, our milk is being used in Tongola goat cheese products. You can pick some up from us at the Bream Creek Farmers Market, or if you're in Hobart, try Truckle & Co, the Wursthaus, Bruny Island Cheese shop located in Salamanca, Hill St Grocer, or Salamanca Fresh.