Leap Farm is home to free range beef cattle and dairy goats in South East Tasmania. We use organic and regenerative principles to ensure sustainability and quality produce. Tongola Cheese is produced on farm from the milk of our dairy goats.

Leap Farm is a 300-acre small family farm established in July 2012 in the Bream Creek district in Southern Tasmania, managed by Iain and Kate Field. The farm is a mixed enterprise, with beef cattle, goats for meat and a goat dairy herd. In the winter of 2017, Tongola Cheese moved to Leap Farm, so that the tradition of handmade farmhouse goats’ cheese could be continued to be made in Tasmania.

For more information about Tongola Cheese, follow the link here.

Our aim is to ensure that we have healthy and happy animals who have wonderful lives, and provide us with high quality produce, as sustainably as possible. We value biodiversity on the farm, and aim to improve the ecology of the landscape while we’re here.

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